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USA Kabaddi will lead the sport of Kabaddi within the USA to a position of respect in world sport, by providing quality competitive opportunities, promoting kabaddi nationally and leading by example in terms of integrity, efficiency, and inclusiveness.


GOVERN: Provide state and national Kabaddi competition of highest quality.

ORGANIZE: Implement a structure and process for the sound functioning of Kabaddi within USA.

DEVELOP: Grow participation by athletes, officials and supporters of Kabaddi within the USA.

PROMOTE: Inspire media and markets to actively engage in the marketing and promotion of Kabaddi.

REPRESENT: Advance USA Kabaddi to prominence as premier world-class major sporting organizations.


LEADERSHIP: USA Kabaddi will be the proactive force taking the sport of Kabaddi forward in the USA

INTEGRITY: USA Kabaddi will be fair, transparent and subject to due process.

EXCELLENCE: Events, systems and delivered outcomes will be of the highest standard.

INCLUSIVENESS: USA Kabaddi structures, activities and deliverables will encompass all, irrespective of gender, age, disability, or nationality.

FELLOWSHIP: USA Kabaddi will foster camaraderie, solidarity, and enjoyment throughout the USA.